Spot x: surf camp With mojosurf

We arrived off the coach at 0410 and scrambled into the mojosurf shuttle bus to get the hostel. We were then chucked into the tv room where we would be until breakfast was served. Managing to find a couch we crashed for a couple hours until the light and noise flooded in as everyone started getting up to surf. We found ourselves some breakfast (don’t expect much) and then checked in when reception was open at 0900. A little foolishly the hostel had arranged our (and everyone else just checking in) surf lesson for 0900. So needless to say this did not actually start until 0930. We were also told there was no luggage store so had to leave our bags in the tv room as our bedrooms weren’t ready yet.  Luckily the surf school offered to keep our valuables in the office. ***
After having run for several years with similar bus times, mojosurf acommodation  could be so much better. The camp isn’t cheap and what you get isn’t reflected in the price.  We were also misold the trip by peterpans travel agents. We were sold it on the basis of x1 surf lesson each day and unlimited board usage, this was not the case.  Outside of lesson times we had to pay for surfboard usage. So just be careful when you book this trip.  Get your agent to go through all the details with you.

Other than that the surfing was great and all the instructors were really good :). Sounds like a lot of complaints but we had a really good time surfing, it’s just a shame the accommodation doesn’t match up.






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