We arrived off the premier bus into Noosa Junction at about 1620; after just over a two hour journey. We had to then wait until 1700 to get the Halse Lodge shuttle bus to the hostel. *Why they don’t match up with the bus times I don’t know, on the way back they also drop you 50mins early so it doesn’t seem to make sense. Maybe they will read this and let us know their logic!

Anyway, on arrival they had a welcome meeting where they told us about all the fun stuff to do in noosa and gave us a free glass of wine so it’s not all bad! The hostel was actually really nice and had a decent Bar and restaurant attached.  If you go for the deal of the night prices weren’t too bad. The night we arrived they had (margarita) pizza and a drink for $10. I think they do this because the hostel kitchen is so awful to cook in; it’s tiny with no air con and hardly any cutlery.  The hostel is really big so they need to re-design the kitchen to reflect the number of customers they have.

The hostel was just a short walk away from a really nice beach where we went on the first day. Halse lodge also have a system where u can use a surfboard for free if you can give a $100 deposit. The surfboards are in the condition you might expect for a hostel so bare that in mind!




The next day we went for a beautiful walk through the national park (this is a coastal walk). It took us about 3.5 hours return to Alexandra beach, including a nice swim at one of the stops.  We also got to see two gorgeous Koalas hiding in the trees.  Very cute creatures :).







Next stop Rainbow beach!

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