Byron Bay 

The premier bus picked us up at 0410 and got us into byron about 0900. There was a shuttle bus from the hostel ‘Backpackers inn’ waiting to collect everyone to drive to the hostel.  The lady driver was really nice and pointed things out to us along the way. Byron is pretty small so everything is close by which was really nice: all in walking distance.  The hostel was good, probably the best we’ve stayed in. There was a big garden out the back with a small pool and through the back gate you can walk to the beach (2 mins). We would definitely recommend this hostel :).

We had a chilled couple of days in Byron just going to the beach and pottering around. On Saturday there was a market on that we’d recommend having a mooch around if you’re there. Other than that just enjoy this lovely little hippie surfing town.  We didn’t actually do any surfing or swimming when we were there because there were too many jelly fish so just be careful !




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