This is where we were reunited with Abbie aka shabba/normy/abu. Abbie was at the Australia zoo (see her blog for details) when we arrived so we had a little walk around and then the torential rain drove us inside where we seeked refuge at the state library. This was a bit of a blessing as we managed to get some work done; Danielles currently applying for a PhD and I like to keep up with my Physiotherapy CPD.

That night we went to the base hostel bar for some drinks ($5 spirit and mixer) and met some of the girls abbie got to know at the zoo, hey Devon:).

The next day we dropped Danielle off at the library so she could carry on with her application and Abbie walked me to some of the sights she had found in Brisbane as she arrived the day before. Recommendations; the brisbane sign go and take some selfies and the man made lagoon is a good place for a swim on a hot day. We had to leave about 1300 but a morning was plenty.  You really don’t need very long to appreciate Brisbane,  unless you want to go to the zoo as that takes a whole day.




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