Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays 

After 14 hrs on the coach, we arrived into airlie beach at 0900 feeling pretty fresh. We didn’t fancy the 25min walk to nomads hostel so shared a taxi with a few others; it was only a couple dollars each with the local taxi company*

We stayed at Nomads which was a pretty nice hostel; decent clean rooms and a nice pool. We had one night at airlie beach before our Whitsundays trip so went for some drinks at ‘beaches’  bar and hostel right next door, we got lucky as it was a Tuesday and that means ladies night; free sparkling wine! So if you’re in airlie on a Tuesday make sure you go. They will also give boys the drinks if they dress as a girl 🙂 so don’t be shy lads.

The next day our Whitsundays boat wasn’t leaving until 1430 so we had a wonder round in the morning and got some lunch (treated ourselves to macccies). There isnt a massive amount to do in airlie beach but its big enough to have a good walk and lots of lunch places. We just enjoyed this time to relax from our hectic travelling lives :p.

Our Whitsundays tour was called ride to paradise,  we stayed in a ‘millionaires mansion’ a boat ride away from airlie. It took about an hour to get there,  we arrived about 1600 and were greeted by cheese and crackers. We then spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the house and relaxing by the pool. If you’re doing this trip the house is amazing and the grounds are huge. You can play tennis, table tennis, SUP, kayak or swim in the pool. Unless you pay for an upgrade you still sleep in a dorm room so bare that in mind, we thought we were in a big private room! I think our travel agent sold us a bit. The dorm rooms are nicer than your average but still the trip is really pricey so we were expecting a bit more in terms of accommodation.

In the morning we had an early start and the speed boat took us to a snorkeling spot on the reef. The guide brought some bread and chucked it in the water when we were swimming, this was very cool as there were so many fish they were bouncing off your head to try and get the food. After this we had lunch on the boat; salad type stuffs and  cold pasta, cold meats. We then drove onto Whitehaven beach which really speaks for itself. Stunning! The whole trip is centred around rhis and if your not sure about doing it Google some pics of this beach or look at hours and think again :). It’s really worth it. Its such a nice beach that Danielle even dropped my phone in the sea and it still works, miracle! There are also some stingrays which we saw woop.

That night after dinner we all had some drinks (mostly goon) and had a little pool party to celebrate the end of the stay and Australia day, although the guides (the only ozzies) didn’t seem to care about Australia day. It was a good night, pretty fun to be able to drink and party in the pool felt like your own house.

We went to another snorkeling spot the next morning before returning back to airlie. At this place we saw a massive turtle :).

We got back to airlie about lunch time, that night we met up with the group in base bar as there was like a Whitsundays after party. Base is pretty good for decent cheap food if your tired of cook!

Next stop magnetic island.

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