A day in the bush (Wombat Forest)

About an hour outside of Melbourne is a place called Wombat state forest, Blackwood.

We had the privilege of being guided around by a good family friend, Anne.

Anne picked us up from Fitzroy early am and we drove to her family farm house out in the bush. We were hoping for an early viewing of a mob of kangaroos but it wasn’t meant to be so we went to explore nearby village, Trentham, and had amazing coffee and cake and then Anne treated us to a delightful pub lunch in the Blackwood arms. We then headed back to the house and enjoyed a summers day swinging in the hammock! Well that was me; Anne was weaving rocks and Danielle went exploring the nature- Anne and I devised a snake bite evacuation plan but no worries she just came back with tales of saccadas and ‘yabbies’.






On the recommendation of the public house patron we drove to Golden point at dusk and were lucky enough to spot two mobs of kangaroos, felt like a kid at Christmas! The way they move is incredible, boinging around.



We then met with Anne’s husband Tony and went to another pub for a quick JD and coke before getting back to the city. Where stopped in at their beautifully (newly) renovated house and had the best tomato scrambled eggs and bacon we’ve ever had. Anne has a very unique way of making scrambled eggs. Maybe if your ever in Melbourne she might pass on her method :). Thank you for a wonderful day Anne and hubby Tony!



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