New Zealand: landing in Auckland 

​We got an uber from the airport to our Airbnb in Ponsonby.  It seemed to be the easiest way to do it as our flight arrived pretty late.

We had a great airbnb, a short walk from Ponsonby high street which was a lovely little place with lots of bars and restaurants. Our place was about a 40 mins walk from Auckland.

Day 1

On our first day we spent most of it trying to plan the rest of our trip.





Be a little bit more organised than us : all campervans were either sold out or too expensive, so that was our original plan scrapped.  It was the same story with cars.


So that left us with two choices; bus tour or hitchhiking.

Neither of us had ever hitchhiked and we had limited time so the bus tour was the final decision.

We then went out for a drink and bite to eat,  this was when it hit us how expensive new zealand was going to be! We spent $13 on a pretty average burrito from a fast food stall.

Day 2 morning

We left the house pretty early to get to the ferry port to take the ferry to devenport to see one of Danielles good friends and her daughter.

Devenport is a beautiful little seaside town with some nice beaches. We had a lovely walk along the promenade and went for breakfast at the navy museum.  *

* Tip

Awesome breakfast ! Best french toast.

We then had a great walk up mount Victoria which has some great views over auckland.  Would definitely recommend the trip across to devenport.






Day 2 afternoon

Travel agent ‘Base’ was our next destination.

After lots Of deliberations, we decided to book the ‘Moe’ pass with the Stray bus.

Very kindly Danielles friend was lending us their car for a few days so we could do the bay and the cape and then come back to Auckland to start with the Stray bus.

So the next chapter begins!

Read on if you want to know our version of travelling NZ 🙂

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