Los Angeles (Day 12-13/207)

We spent most of the morning navigating our way across LA to get to the hostel on Hollywood Blvd. The hostel was decent, named ‘walk of fame’ because of its location. Imagine being right in Leicester Square.  Very central but not a particularly scenic part of town! It was good for getting to bars etc.



In the afternoon we got a bus to Santa Monica, this seemed to take forever at there was so much traffic. Probably recommend an uber, walking or leaving early enough so you get the whole day to make it worth it. The beach is very cool though And there’s loads going on. A couple hours definitely wasn’t enough. Go to the pier and have a walk around too :).






That night we headed out to a couple of bars, hamburger marys and a cowboy bar. At the end of the night we couldn’t resist getting an ihop at 2am :). Met some great people tonight,.. such a good vibe, wish we’d had longer to explore a bit more.









The next morning we just had enough time to go on the hostels free hike to the Hollywood sign. This is another must do while your there, a really nice hike with some great views and then a classic pic for the souvenir.



Merica flag

That afternoon we headed to the airport for our flight to fiji, so excited!  

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